The 10 Biggest Celebrity Weight Losers !!!

Published: 23rd June 2009
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The 10 Biggest Celebrity Weight Losers !!!

So, I thought all our diets and exercise regimes could use a bit of inspiration, that's why I put together a list of celebrities who we can actually look up to and think about, when running on the damn treadmill.

These 10 A-list celebrities not only lost a lot of weight, but they also managed to stay that way!

So, I hope these real weight loss stories will too give you that extra boost in getting ready for the summer!

1. Oprah Winfrey !!!

The most inspiring celebrity weight loser for me was the media super woman Oprah. She had her on-going battle with weight since 1997, but I'd say she did take the problem by the horns thank to working closely with a famous personal trainer Bob Greene and keeping to a healthy diet:

I'm not on any particular program. I've gone back to the commonsense basics we all know: eating less sugar and fewer refined carbs and more fresh, whole foods like fish, spinach, and fruit. But in order not to abuse food, I have to stay fully conscious and aware of every bite, of taking time and chewing slowly.

- O, The Oprah Magazine

2. Debra Messing !!!

The 40 year old Will and Grace star certainly looks very youthful now that she's lost her baby weight! She is an inspiration to me, because unlike other celebrities, she lost weight in a down to earth and healthy way. Now she's a healthy size, she's stopped, and criticizes anyone who says anything horrible about her weight. You go, girl !!!

3. Milla Jovovich !!!

Another inspirational celeb, Milla admitted that she hates exercising, and really struggled losing 62lbs after giving birth. She swapped peanut butter sandwiches for an exercise regime and it has certainly paid !!

4. Ricki Lake !!!

She's on the front of a lot of magazines these days, mainly due to her slim new figure! Ricki lost the weight by working out three times a week, and is over the moon with herself. I think she looks amazing, so well done Ricki !!

5. Nicole Richie !!!

Nicole was looking skinny before she got pregnant, and she definitely hit a very low point when this photo was taken. Her dad defended her, stating that nerves make her lose weight, but she looks so skinny.....She's recently been snapped looking much healthier, and happier, so lets hope she keeps her weight up !!!

6. Natalie Cassidy !!!

Natalie has dropped from 10st to 8st recently, after starting a new exercise plan. She admits she is thrilled with the results, and has to work out for 2 hours a day to keep her new figure. Im amazed with how good she looks!!

7. Mariah Carey !!!

Mariah has lost 30 pounds in the last 7 months, by following a strict diet and exercise plan. She mainly eats fish and soup, and does 90 minutes of exercise 3 times a week. She's back to looking amazing, and her diet won't be too hard to copy! Try to have soup twice a day, and do stretches and Pilates throughout the week !!

8. Tyra Banks !!!

Tyra's lost 30 pounds over 6 months, after being publicly criticized about her weight. Despite defending herself, and stating that she was healthy, she then hired a personal trainer and says she is much happier now then she was before. She control's her portions, and remembers to eat a healthy amount for breakfast! I think she looks brilliant, and sounds so much happier after her lifestyle change !!!

9. Ciara Harris !!!

Ciara Harris

spoke out about her diet last week, claiming that her new slim line self was due to cutting out 'excess' doughnuts, French fries and ice cream. Having lost almost 10 pounds in this way, she is definitely setting a good example!!!

10. Lil Kim !!!

Lil Kim has plummeted from 125lbs to 105lbs, through a food delivery service and a personal trainer. She pays $53 a day to have three meals delivered to her house that total 1,200 calories. These meals are prepared in bulk for people on diets to lose weight at a steady pace. Lil Kim is looking fragile and thin, however, and I hope she doesn't lose any more.

It's good to see that celebrities are dropping the fad diets and losing weight healthily, and I hope that this will cause women to give up faddy diets too !!!

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